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воскресенье, 20 февраля 2011 г.


The soft satt smell of food spread over the room. Blinds are drown, unobtrusively shines old stand lamp in the corner. There is opened square box on the table – Pepperoni, all six parts...
Disorder in the room is very crying: the bookshelf collapsed and books are scattered about the floor – now it's negligible. Among it – pen and pencils – now it's negligible too. The moment of silence, Thedor stands in the middle of the room, clothed in wide shorts and black undershirt with the wine Bottle in his hand. Rosso.
He starts in a singsong voice
- “O, Yin, covered and hided, I appeal to you ” - smiled and screwed up his eyes.
-“O, Yin, dark and floating, Mother of Water, I call for you!”
-“O, Yin, core of every women, hear me in this nights, for the rising of waned lune! ” - Theodor takes two large sips and angrily kicks book pile.
-“Doesn't matter, that I came from far away, doesn't matter that I'm divided and so imperfect, doesn't matter that my deeds are humble and my volition is so weak – Yin, the Matter of Creation, I dares to call for you!”
-“Eve,Helen, Mary, Sophia – in all your aspects, named by all your names I met you, Yin... There is the mystic moment! The Flow turns, the ice breaks, the bases start to move. The drop falls from the sharp leaf, the snowflake starts it's flight... O, Yin, my true power has never revealed here! ”
Theodor takes one more sip and throw the bottle, laughing. The sound, that not-sound, runs over the room. Shrilly cries the silence, filling the room again and even through drawn blinds one can see - appears in the sky incredibly sharp sickle – the wound on the Old World's flesh.

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